More Than Fifty Years of Community Service!  

Welcome to the home page of the Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit.

Located on York Street in the town of Milford in western Hunterdon County, New Jersey, the Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit is available to respond to any water-related emergency and to assist other public safety agencies. Since 1960, our all volunteer water-rescue and dive recovery team has responded to hundreds of water-related emergencies. We have rescued trapped flood victims from homes and cars, recovered drowning victims, assisted law enforcement with underwater evidence searches, and provided water safety assistance at numerous community events. We also teach boating, water and ice rescue classes to the general public and to other public safety agencies. In addition, we offer instruction on water safety to local elementary schools upon request.

As with most volunteer groups, the size of our membership varies from year to year. We average about 25 members. Although most of our divers have advanced certifications we do not require that all members be divers. Members can contribute in other ways such as assisting with building and vehicle maintenance, performing clerical duties or operating boats and sonar equipment. If you are interested in joining us, please call or stop by our building. We meet once per week on Thursday evenings.

Most of what we do is either directly or indirectly related to recovering drowning victims. The recovery of drowning victims is problematic. It is a three-dimensional puzzle frequently complicated by severe current, poor visibility, subsurface topology, depth, and unreliable eyewitness accounts. The solution typically combines the elements of science, art, experience and luck. The expertise gained from our long history of working in this environment has often allowed this organization to contribute to a successful outcome, in so much as that is possible, given the tragic circumstances which generally surround our efforts.

Unlike many volunteer organizations, we receive no financial support of any kind from either State or local government agencies and each team member is responsible for purchasing their own equipment. We ask for no compensation for our services, and rely solely on the community to support our efforts. We are especially grateful to the citizens of Milford who have, consistently throughout our history, generously supported this organization.